The 805 Startup Experience

An Overview of How We Help You


Experiences designed to develop

•  Skills 

•  Networks

•  Opportunities

•  Knowledge

•  Ecosystems


We leverage our rapidly growing network to provide you

•  Industry Insights

•  Mentors

•  Discounted Services From Our Partners/Sponsors

•  Access to investors, government officials, talent, jobs, and more


We make our team available to offer you

•  Constructive Feedback

•  Consulting Services

•  Fundraising Support

•  Warm Introductions

Purpose Driven Events

We produce a variety of different events each month across LA, Ventura, and Santa Barbara counties.

Each event is a catalyst to inspire people, to educate people, and foster authentic relationships between people.

We provide experiences that promote personal and professional growth, innovation, and creating a more supportive shared community for us all.

You can expect to develop your skills, your network, new opportunities, and your knowledge.

Most importantly, our events are designed to develop economic ecosystems across the region by fostering authentic relationships between for-profits, non-profits, and government agencies of all types and sizes.


Resources & Support

We didn’t build up a network of over 8,000 members just to gloat. 

We built this network, and continue to build it every day, to bring you more resources and support as you journey to build a business or a career.

You can expect us to leverage our network to provide you access to industry insights, mentors, investors, government officials, talent, jobs, and more.

Additionally, we are constantly forging new partnerships to bring you exclusive deals and discounts.

Access to our Team

The 805 Startups team has a diverse background and specializes in 

  • Community Development
  • User Experience
  • Product Development
  • Validation Testing
  • Branding
  • Innovation
  • Event Production
  • Fundraising
  • Startup Investments
  • Crypto/Blockchain Investments

The 805 Startups team can assist you with constructive feedback on your product, strategies, pitch deck, and more.

You can utilize dedicated time with the team to assist with any objective you are working towards.

The team is also available to help facilitate warm introductions to other members or anyone you’re looking to meet across the region.


News, Events, and People

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The Ecosystem

Discover what is around you

Our Impact

Hear from those in our ecosystem

Pricing For Personalized Support

Choose the perfect plan

Sign up now to become a full member of our ecosystem.

Our Complimentary Lifetime Membership lets you place up to two business listings in our directory and you gain you access to our free events. 

If you are looking to get many more benefits through our hands on support, choose one of our great paid memberships below. 

Monthly Membership Packages



Per month

For those looking for help getting started, solo entrepreneurs, and students.

  • VIP Lunch Access For 1
  • 25% Off Paid Events
  • 25% Off Exhibitor Fees
  • Co-Working Space Deals
  • 1 Introduction Request
  • 1 Feedback Request
  • 1 Pitch Deck Review
  • 1 Business Listing
  • 1 Job Listing
  • ∞ Resume Listings
  • 30 Minutes of Consultation



Per month

For early stage startups and small businesses, freelancers, and educators, and career professionals.

  • VIP Lunch Access For 2
  • 50% Off Paid Events
  • 50% Off Exhibitor Fees
  • Co-Working Space Deals
  • 2 Introduction Requests
  • 2 Feedback Requets
  • 2 Pitch Deck Reviews
  • 5 Business Listings
  • 5 Job Listings
  • ∞ Resume Listings
  • 1 Hour of Consultation



Per month

For those with a team, those with clients to impress, or those looking to bolster their marketing and business development efforts, 

  • VIP Lunch Access for 5
  • Free Access to Paid Events
  • 2 Free Exhibitor Spaces
  • 50% off Exhibition Fees for your network
  • Co-Working Space Deals
  • 5 Introduction Requests
  • 4 Feedback Requests
  • 4 Pitch Deck Reviews
  • ∞ Business Listings
  • ∞ Job Listings
  • ∞ Resume Listings
  • 4 hours of Consultation
  • Listed as Community Sponsor
  • 10% off Upgraded Sponsorship Packages

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